New Research Reveals that 1 in 4 Children living in a City have never seen a cow

Startling research has revealed that a quarter of all city children have never seen farm animals including cows, sheep and hens.

The study found that 40% of city children have not flown a kite while a third of city children had never climbed a tree.

More than half of city children have not been camping or sat around a camp fire toasting marshmallows and 27% have never attended a barbeque.

This recent research also found that the average urban child visits the countryside less than six times a year, while a quarter of all city children have never seen a real tractor or been to a farm.

The findings came from a recent poll of 500 city-based parents with children aged between 6 to 11.

Six out of 10 parents of city children said they were worried that their children might be missing out on key childhood experiences by not living near the countryside.

The study was commissioned by a well-known holiday resort located in the national park in Wales.


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