Cheltenham Ladies’ College Networking Dinner

On Friday 24th February, we attended the Cheltenham Ladies’ College Networking Dinner focussing on the Legal Profession. The event which took place in the Garden Common Room, allowed students to gain an insight into different areas of the legal profession with the aim of helping them to find out which area of the legal profession they may wish to take.

Along with other lawyers, barristers, in house solicitors and law lecturers, we provided information about our education and our career path to help give the students an insight into the legal profession across a variety of sectors including property, criminal and education law.

As part of the event, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner with the students and had the chance to speak to individual students about our experience and then to network with other legal professionals. The event was well run and excellent. The students were delightful and we do hope that the event helped to assist them with their future career choices.


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