My first experience in an office/law firm

By Emily Knowles

My experience over the last few days has not only given me a view of what an office is like but has also changed my view of solicitors and people in the law industry.

I have always had an interest in law but mainly the criminal side of it, as before coming here, I felt as though solicitors and lawyers were extremely serious, the work they did was boring, and they worked until late every day, but my opinion has been changed as I have got to know the people at Frank Smith & Co Solicitors.

I realised that the work done by solicitors is very interesting and it dives into areas I didn’t expect.

Over the last few days I have gained experience in the private client department and have learnt all about LPA’s, Wills and probate. I have learnt how to create a will from a client’s email which stated his relationships with his family and where he wants his money to go when he dies. It informed me that solicitors need to know about a client’s personal life to make a will as they need to know reasons for their wishes.

I also found out that you can have as many wills as you want over the course of your life but the most recent one is the one that will be carried out after you die.

I have discovered the importance of appointing LPAs as people you trust. I have learnt about probate and how work is carried out once a client is deceased.

I have also gained experience in conveyancing and have learnt how to use the Land Registry site in the purchasing process, and how to transfer ownership of land from one person to another through a document. I learnt the difference between freehold and leasehold property.

I also sat in reception and learnt how to use the fax machine to send documents to other solicitors and how to set up an email.

By the end of my experience, I had decided that I found private client the most interesting area of law as it gives an insight into people’s lives and allows you to help them.

I have really enjoyed my experience at Frank Smith & Co Solicitors, and it has given me first hand experience of what being a solicitor is really like.


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