Digital Legacy – Apple’s new feature allowing specific people to access your account after you die.

Apple's latest update iOS 15.2 includes a new feature called Digital Legacy.  If a loved one who added you as a Legacy Contact passes away, you can request access to the data that is stored in their Apple account.  Without a passcode, surviving family members can be required to obtain a court order for access to a deceased's digital data and this information is vital for family members and valued friends to gain access to phone numbers, emails, passwords, notes and data stored in the cloud.

We all of us have a digital footprint, previous photographs, social media accounts, assets, data and information which will be vital to our Legacy Contact, Executor or who hold Lasting Power(s) of Attorney.  Make sure that you keep a record of your Legacy Contacts (you can have up to a maximum of 5) and have this noted by your Solicitor.

How it Works

When someone adds you as a Legacy Contact, an access key will be created and shared with you. Ensure this digital access key/code is kept in a safe place as it must be used to request access as a Legacy Contact if your loved one passes away.

Ensure that you have updated your Apple Device to iOS 15.2 and follow the instructions from Apple on their new Digital Legacy feature.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Tap your name at the top of the page.
  • Select “Password & Security.”
  • Choose “Legacy Contact.”
  • Choose up to 5 family members or friends.
  • You will receive an access code. - make sure you print it off and keep it in a safe place with your other important documents .
  • It is useful to take a photograph to retain on your own mobile device or computer.
  • Your Digital Legacy contacts will need to provide that code and a death certificate to access your account.
  • Legacy contacts can visit the Apple Digital Legacy information site after you die.

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