How can we help you during the Covid Pandemic?

Since March 2020 the Covid pandemic has affected each and every one of us in one way or another.  Now more than ever people are worried that they have not done their Wills, or need to update them, and yet are seemingly concerned about how they can go about doing this given the current lockdown.

I am regularly being asked how Wills can be completed within the current restrictions and so I thought it would be helpful to set out how we can help you with your legal matters at the current time.

Getting your Will in Place

  • We are currently recommending that clients conduct their initial meeting online and we try to facilitate whichever platform the client is most comfortable with using (Zoom, Team, WhatsApp etc.). Where this is not suitable for the client due to health reasons, in limited circumstances, we can arrange to meet clients as we are still permitted to travel to clients for the purposes of work.  All governments guidelines will need to be adhered to (face masks, hand sanitiser and social distancing) and where possible it is preferable that the meeting takes place outside.
  • In dealing with your Will instructions we will endeavour to deal with as much correspondence and sending of documents by email as possible to limit the amount of paperwork going between the office and our clients.
  • When it comes to signing your Will we will customise each Will signing to the clients individual circumstances. Wills can be sent to the clients to sign with detailed instructions ready for when they are able to access two independent witnesses.  Alternatively, we are able to travel to see our clients in order to get the Wills signed.  We can then act as one of the witnesses  but a second witness will also be required.  Again, this meeting will take place following government guidelines and it is preferable that it takes place outdoors where possible.  A common example of this is that I meet with clients in their garden or on the drive, a neighbour arrives, witnesses the signing at a distance, signs the Will as witness (from a distance and with their own pen) and leaves again.  In limited circumstances, and where clients can legally travel to the office, we can also conduct a meeting at our offices or outside in Imperial Square where weather permits.

Hopefully this blog has answered some of your questions but if you have any other questions you would like to discuss or if you would like to arrange an initial no obligation meeting with me please do make contact on or 01242 801748.  Frank Smith and Co Solicitors prides itself on being a small firm with a friendly approach and we are delighted to have a conversation with you if you feel we may be able to assist you.

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